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Archive of posts filed under the Web User Interfaces (AJAX and RIAs) category.

CQRS and the Axon Framework

At its heart CQRS (Command Query Response Segregation) is a simple design philosophy highly suited to certain types of applications such as those dealing with reasonable size datasets, or event driven user interfaces. The aim is to separate the infrastructure code from the application logic, and also the create/update/delete (command) operations from the read (query) […]

Top 5 irritating UX trends

Time I think for an indulgent digression on user interface design. Firstly I should make it clear, I’m not a designer… but I have been responsible for implementing plenty of designs and using a bit of my own creative inspiration for user interfaces. Also this is pure personal opinion, though I’ve discussed these features with […]

Vaadin web UI framework

Now that web applications require increasingly sophisticated user interfaces, nearly all web app developers have some experience of a user interface framework. Dynamic pages such as JSPs in Java EE and ASPs in .NET don’t allow for these richer user experiences. Delivering a range of features from simple text fields to full blown desktop – […]

EJB persistence in a ThinWire web application

So it seems a ThinWire web application can quite easily be integrated with more advanced Java EE features. In the screenshot below you can see an updated version of my testing environment. The application now has a screen to query and update a MySQL database via a remote EJB session bean. This shows that the […]

ThinWire progress

Over the last few days I’ve been working on developing an application designed to assess the potential of the ThinWire RIA platform as a tool for building production quality rich web applications. The platform makes producing an application from scratch relatively effortless. There is some initial set-up involved – including removing the Mac files and […]

Building a ThinWire application – prelude

The first important note to make about the ThinWire RIA platform is that it comes with fully buildable example applications. By fully buildable I mean straight out of the box you can delve into the applications, alter and redeploy them. This may seem like a commodity where learning a new platform is concerned but many […]

Deliberating as to whether AJAX is actually a future-proof term

After thinking about my previous post for a second I realised that it is questionable as to whether it is really appropriate to use the term AJAX for many of the new ‘Rich Internet Application’ (RIA) platforms. All this jargon is harmful to the general perception of such technologies due to their inaccessibility to the […]

ThinWire for AJAX development

ThinWire is an AJAX platform I’ve only fairly recently discovered, and feel unlike many others, worth a mention. The trouble with many AJAX platforms is that they tend to not offer a full package in terms of customisation and extensibility. My current favorite is GWT-Ext for its sheer versatility due to the server side code being pure […]

GWT-ext common problems – the null pointer

I’ve been working a lot lately with the Google Web Toolkit Extensions rich user interface platform (GWT-ext). While I don’t have the time to cover many of the issues relating to general usage of the API, from time to time I hope to post some useful information about it. Using GWT and the extension is […]

Some screenshots of my MenuBuild application

I’ve gradually been developing my menu building application into a distributed web system. It uses OpenLaszlo for the building front-end, java & jsps for the database storage and retrieval facilities and OpenLaszlo to correctly display the menu from provided settings. Here’s a few screenshots to spice up this at times rather bland blog! Some nice […]