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Virtual Machines – the open source way

Today I spent a few minutes checking out VirtualBox which is Sun/Oracle’s  open source Virtual Machine (VM) system which is free for home use. Once downloaded you can visit for a large number of OS disk images which are relatively easily installed. I did have to edit the XML file it puts into your […]

Google you’ve changed!

Interestingly Google have not only altered their look recently, they’ve changed some aspects of the core functionality too. Unfortunately for me this means some of my web-sites don’t seem to get listed as highly as they used to and my inevitable bias is telling me that this change is bad! In fact, I can’t help […]

Apple really love a lock-in

Picture the scene – you’re at your favorite bar or pub, everyone’s cheery and the drinks they serve are superb. Last orders has been called and you don’t want the night to end: along comes the manager and guess what – he’s declaring a lock-in, fantastic! But then consider this rather different scenario – you’re in a […]

OZ – the vastly different programming language

I finally took some time recently to inspect a language I’d been intrigued by for a while. That language is OZ, the implementation of which is called the Mozart Programming System. It is a self described multi-paradigm programming language. This concept both arouses curiosity and suspicion in me. My curiosity being that there is a possibility that […]

ThinWire for AJAX development

ThinWire is an AJAX platform I’ve only fairly recently discovered, and feel unlike many others, worth a mention. The trouble with many AJAX platforms is that they tend to not offer a full package in terms of customisation and extensibility. My current favorite is GWT-Ext for its sheer versatility due to the server side code being pure […]

Petition to save MySQL or damage Oracle-Sun merger?

A very quick post as a response to this petition hailed elsewhere as a righteous thing for open-source database MySQL: My take – brilliant; put yet another spanner in the works delaying Oracle’s acquisition of Sun and therefore jeopardise all of Sun’s products including Java which put simply seems to me much more important […]

Google Wave: google frustrated with Internet Explorer?

It seems google developers have been having major problems getting their new Google Wave web collaboration software to run in IE. Ignoring all the possible business motives , I’d just like to make a few comments about the actual technicalities of this. Firstly any web developer worth their weight will know that Internet Explorer is […]

The targeted internet advertising debate

A recently reported story on the BBC news website discusses the issues related to targeted internet advertising. A few weeks ago I made a post about my opinion of internet advertising and stated that: adverts that are for products I have no interest in or products that I in fact dislike the very idea of, […]

Oracle in definitive agreement to acquire Sun

Oracle and Sun have entered a ‘definitive agreement’ for the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. The deal is subject to various conditions and presumably some rather complex decisions, and as such it will probably take some time to reach completion. It seems the development of Java and the Java web platform will continue on the same track […]

Sun – IBM merger broken off

Reuters have reported that the proposed merger between Sun and IBM has been broken off. This doesn’t necessarily preclude it from happening in the future and nothing has been said about any other parties that may be interested in acquisition of Sun. It does seem though that there is no merger on the horizon in […]

Rumoured Sun – IBM merger

A story originally reported in the Wall Street Journal has suggested that Sun are in talks with IBM about a possible merger. Apparently Sun have already approached several potential buyers. The article provides little solid evidence for the speculation, however such possibilities do seem somewhat more likely due to economic uncertainty. However the Java platform […]