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WildFly – the next generation JBoss

In contrast to my previous post I wanted to lighten things up with a bit of positivity and it just so happens that this is about a Java application server (of the sort I was moaning about earlier) that in its latest incarnation is actually really nice to work with. Some boring history The landscape […]

Programming languages you hear might more about in 2014

There is a lot of buzz at the moment in the front-end web technology world with frameworks such as AngularJS breaking into the mainstream of software departments around the world. However, bubbling under the surface there are some interesting developments going on in back-end technology, including new programming languages gaining some popularity and maturing. I […]

New frontiers in 2014 – Nator Designs, community contribution, and software sustainability

Having some time for reflection before the new year begins really helps to focus the mind. After some thought, here’s a summary of some things I will be working towards in 2014: Put more effort into blogging to give quality Java software development tips, tutorials and information (read: you’re going to see some changes round […]

The value of search services

There are a huge number of online services, both paid-for and freely available, which provide users the ability to search for, retrieve and digest content. As is so often the case with online products and services, quantifying the economic value of these and pinning down from where the value arises is extremely difficult. It would […]

CQRS and the Axon Framework

At its heart CQRS (Command Query Response Segregation) is a simple design philosophy highly suited to certain types of applications such as those dealing with reasonable size datasets, or event driven user interfaces. The aim is to separate the infrastructure code from the application logic, and also the create/update/delete (command) operations from the read (query) […]

Dennis Ritchie passes away… Paying tribute to the unsung heroes of technology

In recent days Steve Jobs’ sad death has been heavily covered by bloggers and the press, along with summaries of his life achievements. Another key figure in the development of the technology we all use everyday has also sadly passed away recently. Dennis Ritchie was best known for being the creator of the C programming […]

meetingShed beta continues…

Time for a quick update on meetingShed and how the beta phase is going. New visitors to the site are on the up, this month seeing over a 50% increase in genuine traffic. The feedback received has been very useful and we are still looking for more so please keep it coming! That said the […]

meetingShed – easy meeting scheduling with Google Calendar

Today is the beta launch of my hosted web app called meetingShed. It is a tool for scheduling and booking meetings (and other events) which uses people’s Google Calendar data to find acceptable meeting times. Some of the features include: Google Calendar integration Import Google Contacts Narrow down time slots and avoid double bookings based […]

KMS-dev: development platform for logic programming

KMS-dev, a platform for integrating SWI-Prolog software components with web applications has now been released as Open Source Software. The platform uses a Java based web service interface to allow communication with an SWI-Prolog instance. Logic programming is a powerful programming paradigm, offering benefits of decreased development time and increased code readability and modifiability. It […]

Vaadin web UI framework

Now that web applications require increasingly sophisticated user interfaces, nearly all web app developers have some experience of a user interface framework. Dynamic pages such as JSPs in Java EE and ASPs in .NET don’t allow for these richer user experiences. Delivering a range of features from simple text fields to full blown desktop – […]

Taking Intelligent Architectures to the Cloud Expo

A week and a half ago I represented my software development organisation, Intelligent Architectures, at the combined Cloud, Linux and Open Source Expo. I was mainly promoting a project that has grown out of my final year university work. It was an interesting experience and a good opportunity for me to talk some people about this […]

Exhibiting at Linux and Open Source Expo 2011 in London

In my post last week I wrote: I hope in the near future to bring exciting news about further developments in my project work Well next week (2-3rd February) I’ll be exhibiting my software project  as Intelligent Architectures’ founder and chief developer. Find out more information about the expo here. This will provide a much […]

Color Scheme Magic – Android colour scheme generator

I’m trying to get a bit more exposure for Color Scheme Magic as I think its a fairly useful app and there’s a lot I could do with it if I found there was a market. As such I thought I’d blog about it again with a bit more info and a few new screenshots […]

Jobs worried by Android’s selling points?

Reported all over the web today, Steve Jobs launched into a fairly extensive argument for iPhone as a mobile platform over Android. Andy Rubin, Android chief, responded succinctly via twitter. Without getting into analysing the gory details of some of the statements made (I think this article at The Register sums up the pertinent points), […]

An example of why we all NEED to tone down our techno-babble

Having just received this email: You are all very welcome to the following seminar if you are interested to multivariate probability models based on copulas for analyzing dependent data such as clustered and longitudinal overdispersed counts. Our method can also be regarded as a generalization of the GEE method that is popular in biostatistics I […]

Android Market – the good, the bad and the ugly

Android Market in many ways is a great feature of the Android platform allowing users to download apps from a vast repository and taking care of the issues that would make it difficult for small-time developers to release their apps in any other way. I also think the Android Licensing system is a good move […]

Android App: Organise yourself with Organisa Lite!

My new task management / to do list android app, Organisa Lite, has a few features I think some people will like: Organise all your notes in a unique tree-like hierarchy An innovative user interface where everything is managed from one screen – no clumsy flicking between multiple menus to get things done Put notes under […]

Android To Do List – Organisa Lite v1.0 is out

Version 1.0 of my first Android App called Organisa Lite has been released onto the Android Market. The app is a to do list / task management tool with facilities to export and share workspaces as well as update the Android calendar with the important dates and notes added. For more information, see

Oracle claim Google Android infringement of Java Intellectual Property A worrying development that raises concerns about the way in which Oracle might proceed to treat technologies that use Java. Presumably they are objecting to usage of similar programming patterns (or android compatible versions of Java API classes) that exist in the Java language?

EU plan to make technology more ‘open’… Is legislating on technology realistic? It seems the EU are interested in introducing legislation to make big tech companies open up their technologies by using standard formats and interoperable interfaces. On one hand this vision of the future seems like a bright one, but on the other there is a big question as to whether it is really realistic […]