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Archive of posts filed under the OpenLaszlo Development category.

Some screenshots of my MenuBuild application

I’ve gradually been developing my menu building application into a distributed web system. It uses OpenLaszlo for the building front-end, java & jsps for the database storage and retrieval facilities and OpenLaszlo to correctly display the menu from provided settings. Here’s a few screenshots to spice up this at times rather bland blog! Some nice […]

Deploying OpenLaszlo Applications – a crash test manakin’s guide

I’ve just finished a swiftly written article on how to deploy openlaszlo applications. It covers the deployment methods provided to run your applications on a web server and explains a little bit about the mechanism in which OpenLaszlo server operates. The specific methods used are by no means the only way you can go about […]

Practical tips for developing OpenLaszlo applications

Here I’m going to try and summarise how OpenLaszlo applications work, which should help those looking to develop and deploy them: OpenLaszlo apps are written in the LZX programming language, which is XML based They run on the Laszlo Presentation Server (LPS) which is a web application itself that will run on servlet containers such […]

Getting to know the OpenLaszlo platform

Over the last few days between revision and exams I’ve been learning and trying things out in the OpenLaszlo web platform. My main aim was to create an animated menu with categories, text and links defined in an XML data file. This proved rather straightforward and successful so I extended the scope of the project […]

What’s OpenLaszlo then?

OpenLaszlo  is a web application development environment designed for developing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). RIAs are web apps that have highly developed user interfaces, where the requirements for interactivity may go beyond the standard HTML form style interaction. Programs in OpenLaszlo are written in XML style syntax and it offers multiple ways of deploying applications in both […]