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Programming languages you hear might more about in 2014

There is a lot of buzz at the moment in the front-end web technology world with frameworks such as AngularJS breaking into the mainstream of software departments around the world. However, bubbling under the surface there are some interesting developments going on in back-end technology, including new programming languages gaining some popularity and maturing. I […]

Unit testing with JUnit

Until fairly recently unit testing is an engineering practice I’ve had little exposure to. It’s perfectly possible to get by developing without unit tests, but they do help with the design, verification and maintenance of code. A unit test is designed to test a small functional unit of code for a particular scenario. Generally multiple […]

Agility – process improvement is part of what makes us human

So SCRUM / Kanban / Lean is the greatest project management methodology ‘invented’, and all these fantastic advances took place within the last few decades? That’s just plain silly, the greatest single thing that makes process improvement possible is our innate ability as a species to do a little thing called reflection. Please don’t focus too much […]

git commands

I’ve been using git on and off for version control recently. Here is a list of some of the common basic git commands, along with a simple description of what they do: git clone repository-url - checkout a repository into the current working directory (creates a local repository) git checkout -b my-branch - create a branch of the current repository and switch to […]