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Agility – process improvement is part of what makes us human

So SCRUM / Kanban / Lean is the greatest project management methodology ‘invented’, and all these fantastic advances took place within the last few decades? That’s just plain silly, the greatest single thing that makes process improvement possible is our innate ability as a species to do a little thing called reflection. Please don’t focus too much […]

Search Technologies… Lucene, Solr and the importance of ‘Search’

Reflecting the nature of trends in web user experience, my work as a developer has led me to be quite involved in the field of ‘search’. It’s fair to say I never fully appreciated how important information retrieval / search theory would become in my career, and what ‘search’ is really all about. A few […]

Disoriented programming

Here’s a little something to chew over – what would happen if we removed the structure and constraints imposed on the working developer? Would everything descend into chaos and be wholly unproductive… or would great things emerge with natural order from the lack of burocracy and politics? There has always been much discussion of Google’s ’20% time’, […]

meetingShed beta continues…

Time for a quick update on meetingShed and how the beta phase is going. New visitors to the site are on the up, this month seeing over a 50% increase in genuine traffic. The feedback received has been very useful and we are still looking for more so please keep it coming! That said the […]

meetingShed – easy meeting scheduling with Google Calendar

Today is the beta launch of my hosted web app called meetingShed. It is a tool for scheduling and booking meetings (and other events) which uses people’s Google Calendar data to find acceptable meeting times. Some of the features include: Google Calendar integration Import Google Contacts Narrow down time slots and avoid double bookings based […]

Taking Intelligent Architectures to the Cloud Expo

A week and a half ago I represented my software development organisation, Intelligent Architectures, at the combined Cloud, Linux and Open Source Expo. I was mainly promoting a project that has grown out of my final year university work. It was an interesting experience and a good opportunity for me to talk some people about this […]

Exhibiting at Linux and Open Source Expo 2011 in London

In my post last week I wrote: I hope in the near future to bring exciting news about further developments in my project work Well next week (2-3rd February) I’ll be exhibiting my software project  as Intelligent Architectures’ founder and chief developer. Find out more information about the expo here. This will provide a much […]

Taking stock…

As the year is progressing rather rapidly towards its inevitable end, I feel now is an appropriate time before the end of year revelry begins to take a look what’s been going on. Needless to say this will be a delightfully personal view… My life I’ve had a somewhat varied lifestyle this year, as is […]

The killer app is not a business model

There is an enormous buzz out there at the moment regarding high-tech startups. There is also a particularly large proportion of these startups that focus on developing a ‘killer’ web or mobile application. The notion of the killer app is simple: Make something as successful in terms of user base as Facebook. There is a […]

Android Market – the good, the bad and the ugly

Android Market in many ways is a great feature of the Android platform allowing users to download apps from a vast repository and taking care of the issues that would make it difficult for small-time developers to release their apps in any other way. I also think the Android Licensing system is a good move […]

Android App: Organise yourself with Organisa Lite!

My new task management / to do list android app, Organisa Lite, has a few features I think some people will like: Organise all your notes in a unique tree-like hierarchy An innovative user interface where everything is managed from one screen – no clumsy flicking between multiple menus to get things done Put notes under […]

Android To Do List – Organisa Lite v1.0 is out

Version 1.0 of my first Android App called Organisa Lite has been released onto the Android Market. The app is a to do list / task management tool with facilities to export and share workspaces as well as update the Android calendar with the important dates and notes added. For more information, see

A bird in the hand…

Lately I’ve been thinking about different types of software businesses and the strategies they use to make money. You might initially think: well that’s simple – write software, sell software, make money. In actual fact the manner in which software companies do turn a profit varies incredibly. Some ‘startups’ make all their money out of […]

The importance of communication

The last few days has provided an interesting lesson in the importance of communication when designing systems and developing business ideas. By now I’ve had chance to discuss some of my own ideas with a variety of people and its proved very useful both from my point of view clarifying what I’m attempting to achieve […]

Appropriate web marketing and ‘the flashy web’

My recent launch of a new web site has led my mind down the path of considering marketing approaches on the web, particularly for ‘high-tech’ businesses. There is a current trend amongst professional business web sites in that many fall either side of the style / function dichotomy. The biggest and best organisations tend to […]

Making AI accessible

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about AI and how it can be applied in different spheres of computing. Surprisingly despite the usefulness of logic and AI techniques, languages like Prolog are often neglected by developers. Interestingly SWI-Prolog has many libraries making it pretty much ready for use in a distributed environment, and it wouldn’t […]

Petition to save MySQL or damage Oracle-Sun merger?

A very quick post as a response to this petition hailed elsewhere as a righteous thing for open-source database MySQL: My take – brilliant; put yet another spanner in the works delaying Oracle’s acquisition of Sun and therefore jeopardise all of Sun’s products including Java which put simply seems to me much more important […]

Current systems analysis techniques + outsourcing to skilled people != (not equal) to success

An interesting topic of conversation has come up in our systems analysis course module about the choice of developing bespoke in-house solutions, outsourcing, and purchasing solutions. Ultimately the evidence (empirical and anecdotal) seems to point towards the fact that outsourcing work does not in fact save money in the long-term! Shock horror! The main reason […]

Web application architecture

As a way of keeping my knowledge of web applications fresh in my mind, this is a quick post on the architecture of common web applications, taking into account the varied scale of such applications. While I’ll refer in particular to the Java Enterprise Edition based (J2EE) solutions, the principles of structuring an application are […]

Systems analysis distilled

Following on from a recent post of mine about the appropriateness of some systems analysis and design approaches to today’s computing challenges, I have drawn a diagram that is an attempt at doing exactly what I believe is the only way forward for systems analysis – distilling it into a more scalable and relevant solution. […]