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Archive of posts filed under the Android Development category.

The Android Market is changing…

If you’re an Android developer with apps already on the Market, you’re probably already aware that changes are afoot in the Market. Indeed some changes have already been made to add new image and video resources for apps on the Market. Pretty soon the developer console is going to be ‘read-only’ for several hours while […]

Color / Colour

By the way – to any folks from the UK that think I’ve misspelt colour in Color Scheme Magic, it only applies to the name of the app. You may be relieved to know that the app is localised so all instances of the word colour are spelt correctly on your mobile device depending on […]

Color Scheme Magic – Android colour scheme generator

I’m trying to get a bit more exposure for Color Scheme Magic as I think its a fairly useful app and there’s a lot I could do with it if I found there was a market. As such I thought I’d blog about it again with a bit more info and a few new screenshots […]

Color Scheme Magic for Android released

I’ve just released a new app on the Android Market – it’s called Color Scheme Magic and helps you find matching colours and colour schemes. Use the sliders to pick a colour and the app will present you with some suggestions for matching colours. When you’re done you can email the colours to yourself or […]

Viewing XML files from .apk archives

Unfortunately files stored in the .apk archives of android application packages are in binary. This is a problem for those people (I know there’s at least a few out there) that are trying to read the XML files in these app archives. My XML Viewer app can’t convert these back into ordinary text which is […]

Android developers want your feedback!

This is a quick call out there to all Android Market users who download apps: If you cancel your order or uninstall the app for some reason – please if you have the time let us know why via email! You can do this through email addresses provided in the Android Market app, but also […]

XML Viewer for Android update – version 1.2

I’ve made a few changes to the XML Viewer app to try and and deal more effectively with errors parsing the XML, so once the error is displayed there is the button to process as a snippet of XML. So any XML data without the header or a root element should then display as long […]

Jobs worried by Android’s selling points?

Reported all over the web today, Steve Jobs launched into a fairly extensive argument for iPhone as a mobile platform over Android. Andy Rubin, Android chief, responded succinctly via twitter. Without getting into analysing the gory details of some of the statements made (I think this article at The Register sums up the pertinent points), […]

XML Viewer 1.0 released on Android Market

I’ve just released my XML file viewing app for Android onto the Market. More information can be found here. And a video demo of the app is now available on youtube

A couple of youtube videos for you

I’ve uploaded a couple of youtube videos – one a demo of Organisa Lite and one a discussion of software development in general. Software Development as a career Organisa Lite Demo A new version of Organisa Lite is available – v 1.2. New Android apps coming soon!

Update to Organisa Lite -> v 1.1

I’ve released my first update to Organisa Lite on the Android Market, making it now version 1.1 The new version tweaks the Import feature as I found it could be too easy to accidentally import and overwrite the workspace, there is now a confirmation dialog. Also, due to the volume of Android related posts I’m […]

Follow up to Android Market concerns…

It would seem a thread I have posted on the Android Developer Google group regarding the subject of changes to the Android Market has stimulated some developers to voice similarly strong opinions: True. Some apps are just crap. But to do this, Google should setup a team specifically for this purpose, which as far […]

Android Market – the good, the bad and the ugly

Android Market in many ways is a great feature of the Android platform allowing users to download apps from a vast repository and taking care of the issues that would make it difficult for small-time developers to release their apps in any other way. I also think the Android Licensing system is a good move […]

Android App: Organise yourself with Organisa Lite!

My new task management / to do list android app, Organisa Lite, has a few features I think some people will like: Organise all your notes in a unique tree-like hierarchy An innovative user interface where everything is managed from one screen – no clumsy flicking between multiple menus to get things done Put notes under […]

Android To Do List – Organisa Lite v1.0 is out

Version 1.0 of my first Android App called Organisa Lite has been released onto the Android Market. The app is a to do list / task management tool with facilities to export and share workspaces as well as update the Android calendar with the important dates and notes added. For more information, see

Android date / calendar persistence

A lesson from my voyage into the world of Android app development: java.util.Calendar and the SQLite database timestamp datatype do not mix! If having problems using the Calendar class(es) I would thoroughly recommend you instead instantiate a java.sql.timestamp and persist that to the database instead. This cost me rather a lot of time debugging an […]

Oracle claim Google Android infringement of Java Intellectual Property A worrying development that raises concerns about the way in which Oracle might proceed to treat technologies that use Java. Presumably they are objecting to usage of similar programming patterns (or android compatible versions of Java API classes) that exist in the Java language?

The Android SDK – a quick run-down of the features and quirks involved in developing android applications

Firstly, in comparison to most other big tech companies google are great at helping developers get the most out of their APIs and software development kits. They obviously try quite hard to make developing applications using their technologies as straightforward as possible. However some of the features they do implement such as virtual testing environments, while […]

Developing Android Apps… step 0.1

Well, from tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow… I really should be asleep, but here’s a screenshot of my new Android tablet (an EKEN M-001) running my first Android application. I will leave any comments on the development SDK till later. Generally seems quite painless to write small applications, complying with Android standard app architecture […]