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New frontiers in 2014 – Nator Designs, community contribution, and software sustainability

Having some time for reflection before the new year begins really helps to focus the mind. After some thought, here’s a summary of some things I will be working towards in 2014:

  • Put more effort into blogging to give quality Java software development tips, tutorials and information (read: you’re going to see some changes round here!)
  •  Working on Nator Designs – a business I co-founded developing innovative web and mobile software
  • Contributing to and participating in the communities that serve individuals and business with quality free and open source software and support (a well from which I have drunk deeply in the past)
  • Investigating the notion of sustainable software development

Additionally if I get time, I’d also like to make some more progress on a project I started some time ago, which is still in its infancy, relating to logic and behavior in application frameworks.

However as life is often busy, if any of these peak your interest, and you would like to collaborate I would be interested to talk. Also if you are looking for help with your Java software development (search/web/mobile etc.) please get in touch with us at Nator Designs as we’re always happy to talk about code!

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