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Buenos días amigos! – returning from Mexico

My wife and I finished up a busy 2013 in style with our honeymoon to Mexico and also visited some interesting countries off the Gulf of Mexico. This was an amazing experience, as well as an eye-opening one. I got to spend time with my beautiful wife, of course and also visit what is a beautiful country in many different senses of the word – not least of all the way it operates.

Mexico has its problems, for sure, but I get the feeling that in this day an age they are not necessarily greater or more stifling in magnitude than those of supposedly more ‘developed’ countries, they are just different. I’ll save the full review for TripAdvisor(!) but all the time we were there we felt safe and had a great time, and we learnt a lot about a culture very different from the neighbouring North American culture and somewhat different to our European culture as well. It certainly feels like there is an air of social change and it is clear from spending even a small length of time there that Socialism plays a big part in this.

I’ve never given the political and social history of South American countries much thought and certainly not considered the link between these factors and the interesting and rich culture found in South America. It’s amazing how visiting new places can give you a different perspective on the world and realise that there are many different approaches to solving problems and ways to live a fulfilling life.

Anyway, I’ve included a few photos from our honeymoon to break up some of the drabness of my last few posts!


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