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Software projects in the new year

Looking on to this new year, it seems it will be a period of change and uncertainty for me as well as ambition and opportunities.


My university project is developing nicely, to the point I have a prototype demo and am in the early stages of marketing aspects of it as a commercial software product.  From the initial response, it seems there are various options I could choose in terms of turning the project into a commercial venture. While my ambition is to mould the software into a useful product based on a businesses needs and sell it to them, if I’m unlucky in finding enough direct support I will explore other options. I’m keen to bring logic programming to the enterprise application table and for people to realise the potential of this idea.


My foray into the world of mobile application development has proved a mixed bag. It is exciting in terms of innovation opportunities but I don’t believe its commercially viable currently. Mobile apps, much like social-network style web apps, only really make good money in a minority of cases. Being in the right place in the right time and also very lucky is the name of the game. Nevertheless, a profit no matter how small should not be downplayed.

Currently my earnings from my three Android apps are of a scale that is enough to pay my web hosting. While that’s certainly not a lot of money, it is at least an alternative to incorporating advertising into this blog which I have resisted so far due to the intrusion on user experience that web ads cause. If I have satisfied a few people with my fairly simple mobile apps instead, I figure that’s a somewhat more satisfying way to pay for the ability to ramble on and publish it to the world, amongst other more useful material!

Pushing forward

Its easy to get demotivated if people aren’t beating down your door wanting to know about something you’re doing that you think is a great project. However the truth is I have a lot of encouraging things to be thankful for. Not least of all I feel confident I’ll have work of some sort when I graduate, which in at the moment counts for a lot.

Continuing to believe in and develop something has helped me to also develop personally in terms of my skills in expressing and presenting material, and in a loose sense (at the risk of sounding non-technical) improve my soft skills in business project management.

I hope in the near future to bring exciting news about further developments in my project work.

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