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The Android Market is changing…

If you’re an Android developer with apps already on the Market, you’re probably already aware that changes are afoot in the Market. Indeed some changes have already been made to add new image and video resources for apps on the Market. Pretty soon the developer console is going to be ‘read-only’ for several hours while even more changes are being made.

While I’m not holding my breath that this will revolutionise mobile app delivery in general, it is brilliant news for all Android devs out there. There have been some concerns in the developer community about the Android Market and hopefully at least some of these will be resolved with the new changes.

If you’re a developer this means you may just have to adjust to the new upload requirements and dust off your apps already on the Market to update them with the required resources. This is no big deal though, and you never know good apps may well find their target audience more effectively very soon.

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