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Color Scheme Magic – Android colour scheme generator

I’m trying to get a bit more exposure for Color Scheme Magic as I think its a fairly useful app and there’s a lot I could do with it if I found there was a market.

As such I thought I’d blog about it again with a bit more info and a few new screenshots for you.

Color Scheme Magic can help you find matching colours on your mobile device so you can choose appropriate colours for things when you’re out and about. Potential applications include:

  • Graphic / visual design – swift colour matching and prototyping
  • Decorating –  finding matching paint colours for paint and furniture
  • Fashion – choosing clothes to wear to make a matching outfit
  • Web design – creating colour schemes for web sites
  • etc…

The algorithm in the app suggests matching colours for you which should go well. I’d like to also add features in the future to randomize the colour schemes slightly so you can create unique schemes, and add a web based user colour scheme database and user feedback on other’s saved schemes.

Here’s the app running:

Colour Scheme Magic Screenshot

And here’s a sample email that you can send containing your colour scheme by pressing Menu –> Email colour scheme:

Color Scheme Magic Sample Email

Doesn’t that look nice if I may say so myself?

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