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Follow up to Android Market concerns…

It would seem a thread I have posted on the Android Developer Google group regarding the subject of changes to the Android Market has stimulated some developers to voice similarly strong opinions:

True. Some apps are just crap. But to do this, Google should setup a team
specifically for this purpose, which as far as I know, is not being planned
yet in the near future. – Kumar Bibek

>  Do other developers agree that some apps which clearly don’t work or are
> so poor quality they could be deemed a waste of time should be removed, and
> do they think this (or any other approach) might raise the bar in terms of
> applications and stimulate Android app downloads?

Wholeheartedly. – TreKing

If there are any interesting updates from Google I will certainly blog about it here!


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  2. Yes…you are definately a talented blogger ! Keep up the exceptional work !

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