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Android App: Organise yourself with Organisa Lite!

My new task management / to do list android app, Organisa Lite, has a few features I think some people will like:

  • Organise all your notes in a unique tree-like hierarchy
  • An innovative user interface where everything is managed from one screen – no clumsy flicking between multiple menus to get things done
  • Put notes under different headings called projects which can be maximised or minimised as required
  • Export the workspace to backup and use on other android devices – email your workspace and share with others
  • Update your Android calendar(s) with the dates that you put into Organisa Lite at the touch of a button

Organisa Lite is available from the Android Market and has now been reduced to £1.65, due to a slow start with downloads. I didn’t necessarily expect a high volume but want to get some feedback and start the ball rolling. I hope people enjoy the app and if they have any problems I’ll be happy to assist.

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