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An example of why we all NEED to tone down our techno-babble

Having just received this email:

You are all very welcome to the following seminar if you are interested to multivariate 
probability models based on copulas for analyzing dependent data such as clustered and  
longitudinal overdispersed counts. Our method can also be regarded as a generalization 
of the GEE method that is popular in biostatistics

I reviewed the more detailed seminar description, and I am none the wiser about the nature of this seminar. In fact I’m just further confused by it.

Now, not being big headed, I consider myself a relatively smart guy and I have fairly extensive computing knowledge but I really can’t engage with something like that. And the problem is if academic computing  research is to be usefully applied to the world outside of academia, those doing the research need to be able to explain it to less technical individuals so they have at least a surface level understanding of what they have / are trying to achieve.

I realise those giving the seminar may experts in their field and this could be a fantastic piece of research, the problem is the likes of me wouldn’t have a clue.

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