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The importance of communication

The last few days has provided an interesting lesson in the importance of communication when designing systems and developing business ideas. By now I’ve had chance to discuss some of my own ideas with a variety of people and its proved very useful both from my point of view clarifying what I’m attempting to achieve and also receiving feedback from an outside observer’s point of view. Talking to someone, no matter who they are about a problem, whether its a business problem or a life problem always seems to help one way or another. In this case its a business proposition and it has been worthwhile to air my ideas that have been rattling round in my head for months. Without this outside involvement, you run the risk of becoming so closely wrapped up in what you’re trying to achieve that you may be taking a dangerously blinkered view of the whole thing which can be bad – even if what you are working on has the potential to be an amazing solution to a difficult problem. Sometimes it can even be the case that you don’t know, or aren’t focusing on, the good points of your solution because your too busy ironing out the faults you’ve identified because you know the subject matter so intimately.

I’ve found people can be surprisingly approachable about discussing things you may wish to achieve as long as you have enough material to talk about and believe in what you’re trying to do.

I think communication is a trick some people do miss which causes problems long term in business and in one’s personal life. Even if you’re not the most confident of individuals, discussing something on the internet can be a useful tool. Sometimes you can reach the exact types of people you’re looking for to discuss something on the internet, although of course the opposite is also the case (but even this might help you to decide that perhaps your target audience differs to the audience you originally envisaged).

So there’s a bit of food for thought for anyone thinking of developing their ideas into something productive; its worth approaching and discussing them with the relevant people, after all you’ve nothing to lose.

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