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Google you’ve changed!

Interestingly Google have not only altered their look recently, they’ve changed some aspects of the core functionality too.

Unfortunately for me this means some of my web-sites don’t seem to get listed as highly as they used to and my inevitable bias is telling me that this change is bad!

In fact, I can’t help but point out a few criticisms:

  1. Aesthetically everything seems to be aligned to the left hand side and leaves a massive gap on the right – why not fill the space instead of giving me ‘blah blah blah…’
  2. The screen doesn’t resize, its fixed to your screen size so if you make the window smaller it doesn’t wrap the text.
  3. More importantly searches seem to be ordered differently, something I wouldn’t mind too much (as I’m sure its a very difficult job to please everyone with the search ordering), however the options on the side menu allow you to search for everything apart from just plain old web sites. Perhaps they just aren’t web 3.0 enough to be considered important these days?
  4. Why have we got two menus which seem to do the same thing now – one up top as has always been, and one new side menu which only seems to be different because it has a pretty icon beside it?

The more I think about it the more I’m starting to consider alternatives, and that says a lot: The fact that I’m prepared to waltz over to bing or altavista is quite a paradigm shift, especially as I generally use Chrome as my browser of choice and generally largely support Google’s end-user services.

I am confident if I have a little to say on the issue plenty of people are completely up in arms about it and this will not be an issue that will easily disappear.

Personally I just want Google’s search engine to be what it has always stood for – a simple way to find web sites. I don’t really care about customizing the look, and its much higher on my priority list to find the most relevant web site I’m looking for, not the page or specific content such as images, blog posts and most certainly not updates/tweets. And before anyone would suggest otherwise – I am a young person and I’m sure I can speak for plenty of us when I say I’m really not interested in gimmicks like twitter.

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