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Why I have warmed to Prolog

I’ll be honest in that I used to find programming languages which involved a very compact looking syntax somewhat scary to think about. It is hard to interpret shorthand-style languages. However having got to know the syntax and general mindset required to program in Prolog I now find it quite straightforward, and dare I say it reasonably enjoyable.
There are a few more important factors that come into play in my fondness of the language:
  • Programming Logic (ProLog) is exactly what it says on the tin. There are no frills, and no other programming paradigms mixed in which I count as a huge advantage. Most other languages that implement First Order Logic / Horn Clauses seem to try to be a jack of all trades and as the proverbial goes they end up being master of [insert-expletive]-all.
  • It has a very cerebral feel to it, allowing a developer to implement quite complex, intelligent, procedures in relatively few lines of code. The challenge is more about the problems you are trying to solve rather than implementing a whole framework of APIs to produce a complete systems solution.
With this in mind, I intend to not let the AI theory and Prolog programming knowledge I am currently rapidly acquiring stagnate and become a fond but distant memory.
AI and logic seems to have hit on times of slow progress and relative disinterest, which I believe is a great shame as it has a wider and more practically-tangible potential than it is often given credit for.

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