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EJB persistence in a ThinWire web application

So it seems a ThinWire web application can quite easily be integrated with more advanced Java EE features. In the screenshot below you can see an updated version of my testing environment. The application now has a screen to query and update a MySQL database via a remote EJB session bean. This shows that the business logic (in the EJB-JAR) can still be highly separated from the user interface (the web application WAR).

After spending some time now using the ThinWire RIA platform I can honestly say it is definitely a mature and powerful tool for building web applications that require complex user interface features. While my test application still does not extensively test every feature one may require, it shows ThinWire is a highly viable candidate for developing business applications.

Additionally this has been a useful learning experience from my personal point of view, as a good example of deploying an EAR (Enterprise Archive) carrying a distributed system using sophisticated persistence architecture.

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