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ThinWire progress

Over the last few days I’ve been working on developing an application designed to assess the potential of the ThinWire RIA platform as a tool for building production quality rich web applications.

The platform makes producing an application from scratch relatively effortless. There is some initial set-up involved – including removing the Mac files and folders from the ThinWire installation if you’re using Windows (there must have been a better way than the route I took which was to manually delete every one). But I found creating a buildable and deployable application, with an associated Eclipse project, was a very rapid process. The sample applications are fairly sensibly structured in order to give you a very good idea as to an appropriate development pattern to follow.

I now have an application in a healthy enough state to start testing things like persistence of entities to and from a database. It will be interesting to see if there are any behavior quirks due to the design pattern of the platform or if, as claimed, it really can cope with any Java feature you would wish to integrate into your user interface.

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