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Building a ThinWire application – prelude

The first important note to make about the ThinWire RIA platform is that it comes with fully buildable example applications. By fully buildable I mean straight out of the box you can delve into the applications, alter and redeploy them. This may seem like a commodity where learning a new platform is concerned but many others only include code snippets or non-deployable examples that function in an unrealistic environment solely developed for testing.

Some nice things that you get include a ready to start apache tomcat application server, but also more usefully an apache ant build script for both example applications.

The build script is an excellent addition for any developer looking to rapidly develop deployable and fully functional applications. As far as I can see from examining this script and building my own test app out of it the build and deployment procedure is one of the most straightforward I have come across for an AJAX / RIA platform.

I strongly recommend developer who has never used an apache ant build script to develop and deploy their applications to look into it for future applications they may develop. IDE based deployment tools can only go so far to helping you develop and implement a web application.

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