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Systems analysis distilled

Following on from a recent post of mine about the appropriateness of some systems analysis and design approaches to today’s computing challenges, I have drawn a diagram that is an attempt at doing exactly what I believe is the only way forward for systems analysis – distilling it into a more scalable and relevant solution.

Essentially all I’ve done is kept in the most important parts of traditional ‘SSADM’ style analysis: defining the organisation in terms of data flowing through system processes, and assessing the possibility of improving these business processes. The former stage I have referred to as system data flow and the latter I have redefined as business development decisions. The final stage I propose is called technical development decisions. The reason for defining these stages as ‘decisions’ is because that is predominantly what the process of analysis is itself – making decisions with valid justifications.

My version of systems analysis I have tentatively named systems analysis distilled.

You may be wondering: Why did I bother? Well, as described in the previous post, my reservation with traditional systems analysis is that it does not relate well to the technical implementation of solutions. Likewise simply using an Object Oriented approach when carrying out systems analysis doesn’t cover the business considerations. There are also issues with the scalability of traditional methods – there is too much padding (in terms of drawing diagrams and ‘logicalisation’) certainly not relevant to smaller organisations, and if we are honest some are not relevant to any organisation today.

More than this though, my motivation is actually to clear up the confusion about how the analysis as a whole fits together, and how this fits in with the entire development lifecycle; from analysis to design and implementation.

So for those that may be interested, assuming there are any, behold systems analysis distilled


(I don’t expect the diagram to convey everything I am trying to explain, but it should give an idea)

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