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Google chrome bug

Has your installation of chrome stopped working?

Have a look and see if the suggestion in this link helps:

(you may have to hunt for the directory in order to run the relevant file)

I became frustrated by this problem myself which has occurred several times now on my Vista laptop. The solution, which I haven’t really looked at in any detail, seems to involve forcing a rename of a google exe using the setup.exe

I suspect chrome fails to properly rename the relavent exe when it updates itself. Previously I went to the trouble of uninstalling then reinstalling the browser, now at least this provides a quicker solution. On uninstalling I provided feedback on multiple occasions that I was only doing it because the thing stopped working, and otherwise I was relatively satisfied with it !

I thought it worthy of a post to raise the profile of this obviously relatively common issue so that at least people can resolve it for themselves quickly. Hopefully though the chrome updating system will eventually be fixed so that this no longer occurs.

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