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Oracle in definitive agreement to acquire Sun

Oracle and Sun have entered a ‘definitive agreement’ for the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. The deal is subject to various conditions and presumably some rather complex decisions, and as such it will probably take some time to reach completion.

It seems the development of Java and the Java web platform will continue on the same track and remain open source, however obviously Oracle would be quite capable of imposing any changes they may decide to make.

The only ‘at risk’ part of Sun’s method of operation I can see from looking at the currently available information is Sun’s web application server technology such as Glassfish due to Oracle involvement in the development of the server technology. This could potentially mean that Glassfish itself may no longer be freely available although this is pure speculation on my part.

Until the deal is closed, and any collaborative changes or developments take place, it will be business as usual for both organisations.

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