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RSS Feeds for content management

I intend to integrate this blog’s RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed in my portfolio website as a learning exercise in utilising dynamic feeds.

RSS is a format of producing snippets of information, which are often news articles and blogs containing links. An RSS feed is essentially a manually or dynamically updated XML file formatted in a specific manner.

Then I’ll look at the possibility of using RSS feeds for simple content management of web-sites. RSS should provide a reasonable platform for storing and retrieving simple text data in XML files. This may have some advantages such as the possibility of easily rendering the XML data in different ways for different clients. However it does require file I/O on the server side which may prove more complex than simply using an SQL database to store and retrieve content. Alternatively the RSS feed could be stored within an SQL database, however I haven’t yet considered if this would be advantageous or not.

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