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Misconceptions on development platforms

This is a mild rant relating to a blog article I read today that criticised the J2EE web platform. I have no problem with criticism of the downsides of any form of technology, however in my opinion their comments were largely based on misconceptions about the platform and how to best employ it in building web apps.

It’s not surprising that people get confused about development platforms, after all ‘platform’ itself is a rather broad term (framework is another one that is used in the same situation). I myself don’t have a wide knowledge of every development platform out there and few people do. What we really need to avoid is making judgements where we are uninformed about a certain development technology. This unfounded criticism polarises people’s opinions, closes their minds to other development options and does harm to the platform itself if the opinion is propagated as often happens in blogs and society in general.

It is confusing considering all the different programming languages, development environments and development platforms that exist. Also some are not particularly well documented or easily accessible to the average developer. But if we, as software techies, don’t make an effort to understand what things are for and how they can be used before we make judgements about them the huge misconceptions are likely to be generated in spheres that don’t have as much technical understanding as us. This is inevitably disasterous because managerial or entrepeneurial types that look to have software and web systems developed will have no idea what they really want when looking for a developer.

This ultimately culminates in the web and software nightmares you hear about where people spend vast amounts of money, developers fail them and faith in the whole profession and in the potential of good development is damaged. 

So basically don’t use a square peg in a round hole… and don’t criticise it when it doesn’t fit!

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